A Women's Group Dedicated to Menstrual Cycle & Lunar Connection

Moon Rhythms offers us an intentional space to do this internal work together. It is a container to talk about our cycles, what we're struggling with, and how we're connecting to our well of power and potential. We'll learn about our individual nuances of cross-quarter days, the potent areas of each of our cycles and how to live in fluid connection with our deepest nature.

What's this Year Long Group Exploration All About?

Together we will practice attuning to and connecting with the primary energy of our menstrual cycle and the secondary energy of the lunar rhythm.

Here we become scientists of our experience and learn how to live in synchronicity with our physiological and energetic rhythms. As menstruators, we cannot naturally show up daily with the same energy. We thrive in a cyclical structure that exists outside of the societal expectations we grew up with in the western world. 

We will enter the hard language of our anatomy, physiology and mental health and the soft language of energy, magic and mystery. We will learn emotional care throughout our cycle and how to structure our lives to support us both in an idyllic world and the reality we currently exist in.

Throughout the year, we will also host guests that our membership chooses, experts in the field of herbalism, nutrition, fertility or conventional medicine.

This group will become our safe space to talk about our bodies openly and with the spirit of exploration and possibility. 

You and your cycle are welcome here.


You'll learn skills of observation and self-witnessing that will help you build a deeper inner relationship. You'll become empowered with your inner-knowing through small actions of disciplined practice.


Our stories help us grow, open our hearts, and give us insight and perspective we would never achieve on our own. We'll learn together through co-regulation and connection.


Your body is speaking to you all the time; it communicates through your gut instincts, the feelings you get and the physical manifestations of health and well-being.

My Background & Philosophy

I have always been highly sensitive to the physical and energetic environments around me, the people who inhabited them and my inner experience. I struggled with this sensitivity for a long time, making living in a "normal" world very difficult. Then, in my twenties, I started learning more about working within my highly sensitive Self, and that sensitivity slowly became my superpower. 

My career started as a yoga instructor and evolved to athletic & exercise therapy. As I worked to help bring healing to my clients, deeper injuries began to show themselves. Through working on their bodies, clients started talking about wounds of the heart and psyche, openings and insight directly from their muscles, joints and other tissues. From there, I studied different modalities of coaching and therapeutic models of inquiry that offered a way to communicate through the body and with the multiplicity of parts within.

I see myself as an inner activist and facilitator committed to sitting with the hidden and mysterious things, including parts, archetypes and the menstrual cycle - starting with my own. In short, I work with my natural energy flow to sift through the pollutants I've collected over time and generations through daily practice and mentorship, and I help others do the same. Practicing menstrual cycle awareness has given me a connection to myself that has offered clarity I have never experienced; it continues to transform my life by building my confidence, intuition and ability for self-compassion and compassion for others. I see my cycle, indeed, as a powerful gift.

There are two driving spirits in my life. First, the spirit of truth & curiosity, which to me are deeply related. I want to know and understand the world around me, beginning with my relationship with myself - this is the curiosity piece. The truth part comes in with the acceptance of the challenging aspects of life: our shadows. It means sitting with them with love and taking inward and outward responsibility for them, however hard it may be - and having compassion for the whole process.

The second spirit is the spirit of mystery and magic. Mythology and folklore set alight a remembrance that far exceeds my thirty-odd years; it awakens something in my bones. These stories bridge the gap between us and our ancestors, the spirit world and the magic of the universe that is so far beyond our knowledge. 

These mysteries are alive in us; we may not know them mentallybut their wisdom is here, housed in our bodies, and available if we only listen.

Application Form

It is vitally important to me to honour each member's emotional, mental and spiritual safety. The power of a co-regulating and inquiring community is only as strong as its container of safety and accountability. Therefore, to ensure each member is a good fit for our community, I invite you to fill out this short application form, followed by a 15-30 minute phone call.

Membership Fees:

Your membership fees function as a yearly subscription you can cancel at any time, and includes access to the sister-course: Creating on Purpose - Moon Magic & Manifestation.

Annual Membership Fee $260 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a menstrual cycle to be part of this group?

This group is primarily focused on the menstrual cycle. However, there are many reasons why some people may not bleed at certain periods of their life. We will learn the similarities between lunar and menstrual rhythms which will offer a different, though similar ebb and flow. We will get into the many nuances of menstruality, including, but not limited to, the anatomy and physiology of our bodies, our hormonal experience, and the energetics of ovulation and menstruation. For these reasons, I ask that you have some relationship and experience with your menstrual cycle.

Please note that we will not get very deep into menopausal magic as I cannot take you where I have not been. Within this group, we will stay within the maiden and mother archetypes.

Do you offer nutrition plans for optimal menstrual cycles?

I do not offer nutrition plans. In this group, you will find guidance in exploration. My expertise lies in the field of mental health and anatomy, and physiology as it pertains to exercise and wellness. You will not receive medical advice, medical diagnosis, or nutrition plans in this group. I will, however, include resources that may be able to help you. We will discuss how to become proficient and empowered when talking to our medical professionals and becoming active and responsible stewards of our menstrual health.

What's Your Refund Policy?

I do not offer refunds for this program; instead, I offer an application process so that you know what to expect and make sure this group is as good a fit for you as you are for us.

Before we get on the phone together, I highly recommend you take a moment to write down any questions you have for me about the group.