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What kind of meditations will we explore?

I will take you through my most practiced types of meditation, what I know and use on a regular base. You may explore all of the types of meditation I offer or choose to use only one or two for the duration of the course. We will explore techniques that

  • focus on felt sensations
  • help us be with and digest our emotion
  • focus on rhythmic breathing
  • provide our minds with a point of focus
  • break meditation in to easy to learn segments of focus
  • inner Child/Parts of Us Visualizations
  • centre around loving kindness
  • help us ground into the earth and our hearts

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What course participants are saying:

Molly has all the qualities you could ask for in a meditation teacher. She takes a personal interest in each student and provides tailored classes to suit each individual’s spiritual and physical needs. She is involved and invested in their growth, providing feedback during and after classes. Teaching is far from a job for her, it’s clearly a passion and she is eager to pass on her knowledge to her students. She’s also well-versed in a variety of styles including gratitude, chakra, and breathing. With her 21 Day Elevation Practice, you’ll experience all of those styles with the standard course as well as lifetime access to the Facebook group page. There is a group of like-minded individuals that practice together and share their experiences, while Molly provides additional bonus classes and discussions on meditation topics. Especially with the current state of the world, you owe it to yourself to take steps to understand your mind, your life, and your choices. Choose Molly to help.

Colton H, Course Participant

I’ve always struggled with being able to visualize but I’ve found during [Molly's] meditations I’m easily able to go into her guided visualization which has greatly improved my ability to visualize on my own! I'm very grateful for each and every mediation [Molly] has shared with us.

Lizzy M, Previous Client & Course Participant