What Will We Cover?

In this 3-Part Series, we'll explore our hearts, attune ourselves to our energy and witness any deep yearnings that have gone unrecognized or appreciated.

We'll dive into the nuances of intention, on the surface (day 1), in our depths (day 2) and with purpose (day 3).

This 3-Day Masterclass includes daily meditations, talks, and a journaling guide to help you mine the truth of yourself and step forward with confidence and power.

I don’t believe we can have well-rounded self-care without gentle and compassionate inquiry into our emotions, patterned behaviour or shadows.⁠ These shadows are infinitely important - they hold the wisdom of who we are, what we need and how to proceed forward with steps aligned to the beat of our heart.⁠

When we go into them with intention, we get the opportunity to grow deep compassion for ourselves and our life: past, present and future.⁠ It’s profoundly healing and so powerful, AND we need to remember to come out, to reground ourselves in our external reality! This is where exercise and movement, connecting with nature, bodywork, and so many joyful activities, can help build out our inner relationship.⁠

When we build relationship with ourselves and the many parts of our human experience, we develop our capacity for love, courage, strength, patience, and so many other qualities that nurture our growth and take us closer to our dreams.⁠

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